Modi's digital plan is coming in handy now, controlling the system beautifully during lockdown


Banglahunt Desk: Due to the corona virus (COVID-19) various precautions are being taken in different directions. Nine hotspots in Uttar Pradesh have been identified and sealed. There, the police are turning around in loudspeakers and sending ordinary people out of the house with the message of staying home. These areas are sealed to deal with the Corona situation. Although there has been much criticism of the Prime Minister's digital media at first, this has been a great response at present.

The administration has issued warnings in the areas due to the Corona virus. Except for people with emergency services and those working in the media, the rest have been asked to remain detained. The essential goods of the citizens will be delivered to their homes. Citizens do not need to get out.

In this situation, the residents of Nodar Sector 7 have been barred from leaving their homes. Police have been deployed outside the gate outside the society. There is a small delivery boy out there, who is delivering the necessities to the residents there. This process is being done online. Delivery Boy is coming to the buyer's house with his goods online. Thus they are delivering goods like rice, pulses, milk etc. But no one wants to be able to get out of society.

Ghaziabad also has nine hotspots identified as the number of coronary attacks increasing after 9/11. There are also steep hills. The government is making every effort to protect its citizens.

This is how a green apartment in Ghaziabad has been locked up. The administration came in and locked it from outside. So that no person can go out from there. And no person can enter there. This area is one of those hotspots in Ghaziabad. Last week, 3 coronary tract victims were found in the Society. And since then it has been locked.

The number of coronary outbreaks has increased drastically in six districts of Uttar Pradesh. And some of those areas have been identified as coroner hotspots. In this situation, if the citizens leave the house and interact with each other, then the Corona virus will have its horrible appearance. That is why the Uttar Pradesh government has made this arrangement.

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