Modi’s visit to the mosque out of the brick rain on the police extremists! Heated Dhaka

Bangla Hunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh on Saturday on a two-day visit. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina welcomed him and he was given a guard of honor. Today marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Bangladesh. After reaching Upper Bengal, he first went to the Shaheed Smar in Dhaka as per the schedule. There he planted a tree and wrote a message on the visitor’s chest of the martyr’s memorial and signed it.

Today, in protest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh, members of Hifazat-e-Islam in the capital Dhaka came out of the mosque after offering prayers and attacked the police. Not only members of Hefazat-e-Islam, but also members of the Awami League clashed with the police.

According to media reports, members of Hefazat-e-Islam came out of the mosque after prayers and started chanting anti-Narendra Modi and anti-India slogans. Then they also chanted slogans against the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. As soon as the fundamentalists tried to stop the procession, they got involved in a clash with the police. The fundamentalists continue to throw bricks at the police. The police are also eager to handle the situation. Tear gas thrown to control the situation.

Commenting on Narendra Modi’s visit, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen said, “We are fulfilling all our goals without firing a single shot.” India’s eastern border will be protected, as India stands firmly with Bangladesh. He praised Prime Minister Modi and said, “We have been able to fight a global epidemic like Corona under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.” Momen added that Prime Minister Modi has won the hearts of the whole of Bangladesh.

Let me tell you, there have been violent protests in that country over Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. Extremist Islamic groups and Bangladesh’s leftist student groups have staged a sit-in protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. Protests were staged in the streets of the capital by Islamic fundamentalist organizations and leftist student organizations. However, the Bangladesh police and government were active in stopping the protest.

The government of Bangladesh took steps to crack down on the protesters. Police have also arrested several people so far. Several protesters were also reportedly injured in sporadic clashes with police. Police have also arrested Rafiqul Islam Madani, a child of Bangladesh. Hifazat, an Islamic group in Bangladesh, has warned that they will block the road to the Indian prime minister. It is noteworthy that people like Huzur and Maulana are being seen to create anti-India atmosphere in Bangladesh. However, the Bangladesh police are cracking down on the protesters.