Mohammad Sami helped feed an unconscious worker in front of the house with starvation.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the second round of lockdown before the 21-day lockdown is cut across the country. In this situation, many of the affected workers in the country are being forced to walk home due to not getting a bus. Many people are getting sick on the streets, walking thousands of kilometers without eating or sleeping. An experienced laborer got sick of starvation in front of the Indian cricket team's paceman Mohammad Sami.

Sami told this on an Instagram chat that the Indian cricket team's spinner, Juzvendra Chahal. Sami said, 'The worker was coming from Rajasthan, he will go to Bihar, which is far from Lucknow.

Sami says he will go so far but he has no money. Also Sami says I saw CCTV camera in my house suddenly he was unconscious in front of my house. I approached him and realized that he was basically unaware of the food, and after giving him food, I gave him food, and I helped him. Also, the husband said that I see almost every day thousands of workers walking down this road to be on the highway of my house, I see their sufferings in my own eyes. I try to help them as much as possible.

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