Mohammad Sami said that I played the entire World Cup with a broken knee.


Mohammad Sami, one of the best cricketers of the Indian cricket team, shared an important information about the 2015 World Cup. Sami said his knee had worsened during the 2015 World Cup. Sammy's knee was broken during the World Cup but he played the entire World Cup with his broken knee. At that time, Sammy's knee condition was so bad that the doctor had to get fluid out of his knee every day. Sami told me at the time that captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni had given me confidence.

While talking to former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan in a live chat on Instagram, Sami revealed that he broke his knee in the first match of the 2015 World Cup. But he still kept playing. Sammy collected seven wickets in seven World Cup matches. Sammy's bowling average in that World Cup was 17.29.

Sami told me that in the first match of the World Cup, my knee was broken, the condition was so bad that the knee swell became like a Thai. Every day there was unbearable agony, which is why I used to take three drugs every day before the match. Sami says doctor Nitin Patel gave me courage at that time and with that courage I continued playing the entire World Cup. Sami said skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni also stood next to me and encouraged me.

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