Mohammadi Suhana in deep neck top-hot pants, viral photo in the middle of the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood's most popular star child Suhana Khan (suhana khan). Suhana has the advantage of being Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana herself has gained great popularity on social media. And why not! He often shares various photos for the fans.

Recently, Suhana shared a picture again. And as soon as the picture was posted, it went viral. Netizens can't take their eyes off Suhana's face. Shah Rukh Khan shared this photo on his Insta handle.

Suhana has been captured on camera in a black deep cut top and hot pants. He posed with his hands in his hair. He also has a great background behind him. Whether traditional or western, Suhana's fashion sense is excellent.

Recently, Suhana responded to the trolls on social media about racism. He wrote a long caption by posting a picture of himself. Suhana writes, ‘It’s not just my case. It is for those boys and girls who suffer from a lack of confidence when they grow up. Here are some comments about me. I have been called black since I was 12 years old. '

Many people have supported Suhana in this post on racism. Suhana has been praised by many for being vocal on this important issue from this age. His post has already gone viral.

Incidentally, Suhana has become quite active on social media sitting at home in lockdown. He is doing photoshoot sitting at home. Earlier, Suhana was seen being captured on camera with a book in her hand. He shared the photos on his Insta handle.

Suhana is not able to get out of the house now even after the lockdown. So I am sitting at home doing various experiments with makeup and a photoshoot with her. Recently a picture has been posted on behalf of Suhana's fanpage. There, Suhana was seen taking pictures in a beautiful way. Touches of light pink and brown in the eyeshadow of the two eyes. Lips painted with glossy nude lipstick. Shah Rukh's daughter has caught such make-up.