Mohammedan Sporting Club took a big decision keeping in mind the sports loving members

Bangla Hunt Desk: There are many other clubs, but the football passion of Kolkata revolves around three clubs, East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting. However, football is currently closed due to Corona. Even though the game started for a while in the middle, due to the second wave, the footballers are once again stuck in the field. And football fans have been out of the field ever since. The economic situation has deteriorated due to Kovid. Behal Dasha is associated with everyone involved in the game. Even before this, Mohammedan Sporting has tried to stand by the people in various ways in Lockdown and Amfan.

Sometimes they have come forward to help the gardeners, sometimes to deliver food to them, sometimes to plant trees after Amphan. This time the club authorities took a big role for the members of the club keeping in mind the current situation. This year, they have waived the annual subscription of 1000 rupees for about 1800 members. Mohammedan Sporting said in a statement: “In view of the current economic collapse caused by the Covid-19 supermarket, the club authorities are offering a completely free membership to all members who cannot renew their membership due to financial reasons.”

Any sport without sports fans is useless, so this time Mohammedan Sporting Club came forward next to the sports fans.