Mohan Bajpakhi is going to bid farewell to the fourteen seasons of Mohun Bagan jerseys.


Shilton Pal, a Bengali goalkeeper who has been associated with the Mohanbagan family for almost 15 years, has been with the Mohanbagan family. Because the ISL will play Centennial-old club Mohanbagan in a tie-up with Attock next season. There is virtually no place in the squad for this Bengal goalkeeper. With that word in mind, Shilton Pal has started decorating his own plans.

The young goalkeeper Shilton Pal came to the Mohanbagan squad from TFA in 2016. Then the time is practically history because the goalkeeper, who has played football in fourteen seasons since then, has played in the Mohanbagan jersey. He has witnessed the rise and fall of Mohun Bagan, with his own skill he became a fan of the Mohun Bagan party. Under his captaincy wins the Mohun Bagan Ailig, all of India's trophies have been won in the Mohun Bagan jersey. However, due to the situation that has arisen at the moment, the relationship between Mohun Bagan is about to be severed next season, keeping in mind that several clubs have already started contact with the Shilton Pal.

If Shelton had played another season in the Mohanbaugan jersey, he would have touched the house's son, Satyajit Chattopadhyay. This Satyajit Chattopadhyay played the Mohanbagan jersey for 15 years, stretching from 1986 to 2000. However, at the moment Mohun Bagan is playing fourteen seasons on the jersey. The Bengali goalkeeper wants to accept the reality right now.

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