Mohar Singh, Chambal's notorious robber, writes letter to Modi to save temple


BanglaHunt Desk: At one time the whole chambal trembled in his name. More than 300 criminal cases are pending in the name of the famous dacoit Mohar Singh. He breathed his last on Tuesday at Kesba village in Mehgaon, Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, his birthplace. He was 92 years old at the time of his death. It is known that he was ill for a long time. Mohar was the last living robber among the famous robbers of Chambal region.
1950 Mohar was handcuffed in a robbery at the age of only 17 years. His real name was Mohar Singh Dutt. Mohar killed a man in 1955 over a land dispute. Since then he has been known as a robber. Majhar Singh ruled the same region with notorious robbers like Raghunath Kushwaha, Jagmohan, Phulan Devi. He had a total of 315 cases including 75 murders.

Unsatisfied with his looting, the price of Mohar was fixed at Rs 3 lakh per head by 1970-80. Finally, in 1972, he surrendered to Joy Prakash Narayan with a band of 150 robbers. But at the time of surrender he laid down several conditions. He could not be put to death, he was kept in free prison. Farming land was given as a means of subsistence.
Mohar was released in 1980 after serving six years in captivity. He then joined politics. He also starred in the 1972 film Chambal Ke Daku.
However, after his imprisonment, Balmiki Muni literally became a 'Ratnakar bandit'. He spent the rest of his life in the service of poor people. He used to pay for the marriage of girls from poor families in his village. Received the title of 'Robin Hood'. He also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September 2019 urging him to renovate the Bateshwar temple in Morena.