Mohar's reign is over, 'Kharakuto' took the first place by showing courtesy-Gungun marriage.


BanglaHunt Desk: The clash between Bengali television serials is eternal. There is a conflict over who will be ahead of whom in terms of TRP. Viewers are also eager to know which channel is ahead of others in terms of TRP. This week, as every week, the names of the best series have been revealed in the TRP rating.

This week's TRP list has undergone major changes. ‘Mohar’ topped the list for several weeks in a row. This time 'Kharakuto' came to that place. There is also a difference in points between the second place and the first place. Kharakuto is the first with a rating of 11.6. On the other hand, Mohar's rating is 10.9.

Ranimar's forehead is tied for the third place. ‘Karunamayi Rani Rasamoni’ is in the third place with 10.8 rating and ‘Krishnakali’ is in the fourth place with 10.4 rating. ‘Mrs.’ is not far behind. This uniquely popular serial of Star Jalsa is in the house of five. The serial has given a big surprise with the news of June Aunty's pregnancy.

This week, the marriage of the hero and heroine of the serial, Soujanadhya and Gungun, has brought the TRP to a climax. The viewers turn on the TV to watch the fun activities of this couple. Needless to say, the marriage of Gungun and Soujanadhya in the serial has become a super hit.

Star Jalsa has one more serial in the list of best TRP. ‘Khelaghor’ has just started. After many days, Syed Arefin has been seen as the protagonist in the serial. This serial is in the eighth place. The TRP rating is also not low, 7.5.