Mohun Bagan sent a stern letter to East Bengal seeking refund of tickets for the canceled derby match.


The I-League's return derby scheduled for March 15 was postponed by the federation due to the coronavirus. The central government has since announced a nationwide lockdown for the corona virus to take a horrific shape across the country. As a result, the rest of the matches of the I-League have been canceled, as well as the Kolkata Derby of the I-League has been canceled. Mohun Bagan has been declared the I-League champion this year on behalf of the federation in a meeting with the I-League teams as the points table is far ahead.

The rest of the I-League matches were canceled and the return derby of this year's I-League was canceled. Mohun Bagan officials then wrote to Sanjeet Sen, one of the leaders of Quays East Bengal, asking when the price of the Derby ticket would be refunded. Mohun Bagan officials claimed that the tension surrounding the match was worth watching. That's why Mohun Bagan supporters had bought tickets long before the March 15 match. That is why Mohun Bagan wrote a letter to East Bengal asking for a refund of the ticket price after the match was canceled.

Before the derby match, Mohun Bagan became the I-League champion. That’s why Mohun Bagan fans wanted to enjoy the derby match with an open mind. But after the cancellation of the derby match due to the corona virus, the Mohun Bagan football fans have to face a lot of difficulties to get the ticket money back. That is why the Mohun Bagan officials were forced to come on the field and they sent a letter to East Bengal asking for the return of the ticket for the derby match.