Mona Lisa dances to Varun-Sara's popular Hindi song, with Bikranto rocking her waist, viral video


Banglahant Desk: Monalisa alias Antra Biswas is one of the most popular actresses in Bhojpuri films. He is also very active on social media. His pictures and dance videos often go viral on social media. This time Mona Lisa was seen swinging her waist in a fascinating Hindi song.

Mona Lisa was seen dancing to the song 'Mummy Kasam' from the movie 'Coolie Number One' starring Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan. The actress' husband Bikranta also danced to the tune. Mona Lisa shared the video on her Instagram handle. And this video went viral as soon as it was shared.

Recently, Mona Lisa was seen dancing to the beat of the popular Hindi song 'Layla Madhyay Layla'. That video is now viral on Netdunia. In fact, this video is from the set of Mona Lisa's new serial 'Namak Ishq Ka'. The actress shared the video on her Instagram handle.

Mona Lisa recently shared several pictures of this look. Mona Lisa is captured on camera in a maroon blouse and a Thai high slit skirt. With heavy makeup, black bangles and big black tip. In the new serial, the actress came in front of the fans in the guise of her character Irabati.

Incidentally, Mona Lisa will be seen in a completely unique but very important role in the new TV show 'Namak Ishq Ka'. In his words, this character is his ‘dream roll’. It is known that the story of a dancer will be told by 'Namak Ishq Ka'. The name of the dancer is creepy. He is very fond of making a family. But this society is not willing to accept him. Mona Lisa is going to play the role of a villain in this serial too.

The actress said about her character, “My character is negative. Irrawaddy Burma is very clever and influential. But in front of everyone he looks good. There are many facets to this character. Gradually, they will come to light. ”

He added, “Irabati is a very influential character. Everyone is afraid of him. His words are always heard in the family. This is the character of my dreams. ” Shruti Sharma is going to be seen in a creepy character in the serial. Besides, Aditya Ojha and Vishal Aditya Singh will also be seen in this serial.