Monomalinandhya lockdown, Sunidhi Chauhan's second marriage is breaking up?


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan's second marriage is breaking up! Recently such rumors are being heard in Balipara. For several days now, rumors have been circulating about Sunidhi and her husband. Sunidhi and Hitesh have been married for eight long years. Indications of the crack about that!

Sunidhi recently went on a tour of Goa with Hitesh. After returning from there, the monomalinya began between the two. According to their close sources, Sunidhi and Hitesh were separated for some time. But when the singer was asked about this on behalf of various news media, she kept her mouth shut.

After that, when Sunidhi's husband Hitesh was contacted on behalf of a popular news medium, he laughed off the news. All these are baseless in his words. “We are both going through a lockdown at the same time,” he said. I was so busy cleaning the house for a few days that I didn't have time to read this delicious news. ”

He added that Sunidhi was probably not happy with his cleaning. So these fake news are spreading. But what is the reason for Sunidhi to remain silent in this context? Hitesh replied, “Actually, this is so irrelevant that maybe that's why Sunidhi thought it was right to remain silent.”

Incidentally, this is Sunidhi's second marriage. Earlier, she was married to director Bobby Khan when she was just 16 years old. That marriage lasted only one year. Then 2012The singer is in the throes of marriage with musician Hitesh. 2018Their child was born in.