More Data Telecommunication Companies Need 2gb / Day Plan, Episode 3: Jio


Banglahunt Desk: The epidemic has spread around the world in the outbreak of the virus from China. Death row is rising in the first row in the United States and Italy. Schools, colleges and universities have been closed in different countries of the world. In many states of the country, the government has decided to close schools and colleges and universities till March 7. School holidays in West Bengal have been extended till 1st April. As well as the office closed, employees have been instructed to work at home.

So at the moment everyone is spending a little more data than other times. Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Airtel 3 Telecom have similar plans. Find out about Reliance Geo Plane in the first phase, where two GB data is available in one day.

Reliance Jio brings a great work from home plan for the convenience of sitting at home. The plan will provide 2GB of data per day for 251 rupees, which is valid for 51 days. Only the Internet will be available on this plan. No calling or SMS will be available.

Reliance Gio is giving 2GB of data per day for 5 bucks that the plan is valid for 56 days. However, Jio to Jio Unlimited calls will be available for up to 5 minutes a day, with 5 SMS and other network calls.

In addition to 2 GB of data on Reliance Jio plan, you will get 100 messages per day. As well as calling other networks, you will have 5 minutes to call. This plan is valid for 84 days

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