More than 22,000 deaths are due to Trump's mistake

BanglaHunt Desk: America's most powerful country in the world has now died due to the Corona virus (COVID-19). America is at the forefront of the number of people affected and dead. To date, the number of victims in the United States is about 1 million and the death toll has crossed 25,000. America is now in crisis. The world's richest and strongest countries are now in crisis due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

In this crisis, US President Donald Trump put all his anger on journalists. Today, the United States is at the top of the coroner attack and death toll due to the neglect of US President Donald Trump. But Trump does not want to admit his mistake. The US government thought the lockdown would weaken the economy. So they gave more importance to the economy of the country than the lives of the citizens. And that is why this sad state of America today. New York has been the worst hit by the coroner's influence. There are about 2 lakh victims and more than 3,000 people have already died. At present, the funerals of the dead are being done temporarily.

If the US government does not yet take strong measures to prevent Corona, America will turn into a crematorium. In New York, dead people are being buried in New York for lack of space. About 5 people are dying in New York every day. For this reason, the coffins of the deceased are being confiscated by the government.

Some time ago a large mass grave was discovered in New York's Heart Island with the help of a machine. And then the coffins of the dead are being held over one by one, in the absence of space. The graveyard that used to be buried 7 days a week, is being buried there 7 days a week. The US administration says their funerals are being done temporarily in the process to cause many people to die together. Earlier prisoners used to do this, but now it is being done by contractors.

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