More than 3 foreign companies are coming from China to India, followed by the Modi government


Bangla Hunt Desk: The epidemic of the Corona virus near China (China) is going to be financially deadly. More than 1 thousand international companies want to close their business and come to India. They are contacting the Indian government to come to India. It is hoped that if the companies come to India and start businesses, millions of young people in the country will find new jobs.

According to media reports, among the problems caused by the corona virus epidemic, about 1,000 foreign companies are trying to open companies in India by talking to Indian government officials. At least three of these companies are mobile, electronics, medical devices, textiles and synthetic fabrics. If the talks succeed, it could be a major blow to China.

These companies see India as an alternative manufacturing hub. And they have submitted their proposals to the government at different levels. They have submitted their proposals before the Indian Embassy and the State Ministry of Industry. According to the report, a central government official said, “At present, about 3 companies are in talks with various levels such as Promotional Cell, Central Government Department and State Government. Of these, we have identified 300 companies so far. ”

According to the data available, the government of many states has become active due to the possibility of factories being set up by international companies outside China. The governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Rajasthan have started attracting foreign investors. The state government has also started searching for land for the factory. The state government is implementing many new rules so that new factories can be started without any problem.

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