Mother Cheetah teaches traffic law to disobedient child under strict rule, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: A large part of the world is under house arrest due to Corona. Pictures spread on various social media outlets show that nature is smiling as a result of being under house arrest. Shy wild animals like dolphins and deer are roaming freely following the natural rules of nature.

However, this time the video of the animal that went viral on social media has long been notorious as a cannibal. As seen in the video, the mother cheetah is crossing the road outside the forest with her cubs. The first cub follows his mother and reaches the other side of the road.

But, the second cub sits on the street and then roars comfortably. Eventually, the mother leopard returns, holding the baby by the neck and crossing the road. Watching the video, netizens remembered the mother's rule over her disobedient child.

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There is no need to go to Oklahoma to see cute cubs, GO TO AFRICA INSTEAD! Watch the unbelievably cute moment filmed on camera when a leopard mother is seen helping her cute newborn Leopard cubs cross the road in the Kruger National Park. The heart-warming cuteness of these little ones is almost unbearable and all we can do is watch. When you get the opportunity to capture it on film, it makes the sighting even more special. Full video, link in bio ( Tags: #Nature #travel #vacation #animals #adventure #outdoors #explore #lucky #wilderness #tourist #Visiting #animal #camping #wild #africa # wildlife #safari #Krugernationalpark #Kruger #Krugerpark #Knp #Exploring #naturephotography #beautiful #leopard #leopards #cub #catssofinstagram #video #Cute

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A few days ago, another video of wild animals roaming fearlessly went viral on social media Twitter, where tigers are blocking the way. This scene was seen on the edge of the forest in Satpura. Indian Forest Service Officer Rabindra Moni Tripathi shared the video on his Twitter handle and it went viral. In the caption, he writes, Great family affair.