Mother is coming, the festival will be ready again dear Bengali, let's not watch Kumatuli's preparation episode


BanglaHunt Desk: Last year, along with Ma Durga, the Bengalis came to know that this year, the mother will come a little late. There are some rules and regulations, due to which after about 1 month of mahalaya, mother will come to the father's house with her sons and daughters to get the love of everyone. Even if it's late, mother will come. It started with joy, waiting for mom.

Don't attack

From the beginning of 2020, it was heard that a deadly disease has been reported in China, which is contagious. Sneezing, coughing, nothing is going to stop him. Gradually, this deadly disease spread like a plague of corona virus all over the world. But will the mother come in this crisis?

Social gatherings are closed

The lockdown has been going on for almost a few months. The whole world has come together to find a cure for this disease. The people of India and Bengal are also terrified of this disease. During the lockdown, social gatherings are closed and all kinds of festivals are stopped. The process of sanitation is going on side by side.

How is Kumartuli's work going?

But meanwhile it's time for that mother to come. Every year from this time onwards, there is a lot of noise around. Kumartuli is busy making idols. Dead artists are struggling to make gods from home and abroad. In addition to the public worship, there is also the Durgotsab of the Banedi house.

All in all, the first few months of the puja are spent in the Kumartuli neighborhood. But this time, due to the epidemic, Kumartuli's busyness has ebbed.

Pujo will be a happy festival dear Bengali

However, assuring everyone, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee agreed to the mother's arrival. Bengalis will be able to visit the idol by following all the rules. Calcutta came back to life with the consent of the Chief Minister. It will shine again in the light of light, it will be filled with the sound of drums. However, in Mandapa Mandapa, even though some rules have been issued in the case of idol worship, worship will be a happy festival, dear Bengali.