Mother stuck in lockdown in Dubai, teenage daughter waiting alone for 60 days at home


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is going on all over the country in the panic of Corona. International and international flights are closed. The worst situation in the whole country is in Maharashtra. The current number of victims is 46,190. Shaila, a class nine teenager, is waiting for her mother there. Mother Ruchira Verma went to Dubai on business. He was supposed to complete the work in 4 days and catch the plane. But on the day of the flight, the lockdown was announced and the flight was canceled. Ruchira is stuck in Dubai.

Went to Dubai on business for 4 days, mother! Then he got stuck there for about 60 days due to lockdown. A teenage girl is waiting for her mother at Mahim's house in Mumbai.

Single mother Ruchira said she is alone with her daughter. He lives with his daughter in Mahim's residence. The only Taj hotel is open in Dubai. He is forced to stay there. I had to borrow as I ran out of money. He added that he had no acquaintances in Dubai. So I was forced to rely on that hotel. He contacted Supriya Sul, leader of the National Congress party, on Twitter. He told about his situation and asked for special arrangements for his return. But the closure of international flights did not help. It was informed from there that special facilities will be provided to him as soon as the international flights start. Ruchira specifically mentioned that the girl is alone in Mumbai.

On the other hand, Shaila, a student of Poddar School in Santcruz, is alone in Mahim's house. Alone at home, she has also started online classes to manage household chores. Mom left a phone for him. For now, he has become accustomed to that phone. “I'm just waiting for my mother to come back,” he said. I don't want to wait any longer to hug my mother! '