Mother's courage! The mother rat bit the snake's tail to save the baby


BanglaHunt Desk: It is said that no one can live in this world better than mother. Mother is mother. There is nothing he can do for the good of the child. A mother can stand firm in the face of any danger, just to protect her child. Treasure of the child's mother's pulse. There is nothing more important to his mother than his own life, not even his own life. Mothers have proved this time and again.
Recently, such a video has gone viral on social media which has surprised netizens. The video shows the unequal fight between the snake and the rat. When there is a fight between food and food, the winner usually wins. That is the law of nature. But many times this traditional rule also changes.
This video is like that. The video shows the mother rat fighting with the snake to save the baby. A snake is fleeing with its little baby in its mouth. The mother rat started biting the snake's tail to save the child. The snake whipped its tail many times but did not release the bite.

In the end, the snake is forced to throw the baby back. The video was shared on his Twitter handle by Indian Forest Department official Sushant Nanda. “The snake was never seen again,” he wrote in the caption. Probably very embarrassed to chase the rat. But the mother can do everything for her child. Mother's compassion is the greatest weapon in the world. '

The 41-second video is now viral on social media. Netizens are also making various comments. One writes that no one's power should be underestimated. Another wrote that there is no one in the world stronger than mother.