Mother's love: nurse dog feeding kittens with love, video viral on social media

BanglaHunt Desk: Various types of videos go viral on social media every day. Which is sometimes pleasant, sometimes painful, sometimes a video brings tears to the eyes of the residents of Netpara. Today I will discuss about a video like this, which netizens are emotional to see.

In the viral video, a nurse dog is giving maternal affection to a kitten. Just like a mother cat feeds her child, this nurse dog is feeding the kitten in the same way. It is known that the video is from a remote village in Nigeria. Where a kitten is being cared for by a nurse dog.

Sharing this emotional video on social media went viral at the speed of a storm. More than 4 lakh people watched that video in a moment. More than 2,000 people liked the video and more than 450 people retweeted the video.

After watching the video, a Twitter user named Patrick Lenny wrote, “It's a really beautiful scene.”

Another social media user wrote, 'Mother's love'.