MOTION-DESIGN: Importance and meanings

“Motion graphics” – the term is not clear to everyone. There is nothing to worry about because this is a rather narrow area, which is really not many people are interested in. However, this thing is really exciting and very useful, especially in today’s world. The fact is that motion design has many advantages in addition to an interesting visual. This mechanism can be implemented in many situations, as it is as flexible and exciting as possible. Today’s article focuses on this concept, as well as where this tool can be used.


Motion design: what and why?


In order to discuss the details of motion design, we first need to understand the meaning itself. In simple terms, this term refers to animated graphics: audiovisual content in motion. This content can be complemented with various shapes, colors, and structures. In general, it is like a short cartoon that catches the user’s attention.


However, this is far from an infantile concept, as behind the short motion design is one or more professionals who have spent hours (and sometimes days) creating the final product. 

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Moreover, this trend in culture has existed for a very long time. The amount of animated content that we have consumed over the past 40 years cannot be counted on fingers. Modern people are so accustomed to this that they do not even pay attention to the complexity of creating such a result.


Just think, the graphics and animation create an atmosphere of the most understandable storytelling, which is why this tool is gaining more and more popularity in the digital market.


For what goals is the motion-design good?


Of course, the animation is used in cartoons or anime, but how can it be useful for websites or companies? The answer is very simple. The fact is that motion design, as mentioned earlier, is a great storyteller. Accordingly, with the help of such a tool, it is quite easy to explain complex processes, terms, or situations. Indeed, with the help of the visual component, it becomes easier for our brain to perceive the necessary information. The dynamics provided by the animation attract the attention of customers, which subsequently significantly affects the profit.


Moreover, reading long texts on phones or other devices becomes boring over time. In such situations, motion design is a lifesaver, as it gives the brain a break. Social networks or educational channels already use this technique, so they gather a large audience.


And of course, motion design takes less time than the usual animation for cartoons, because typography plays the main role here.


Advertising and marketing are better


Animation graphics are a great way to apply in marketing. If a business is interested in acquiring the attention of new customers or retaining old ones, then they should definitely look into motion design. This method will update the appearance of the site, store or page on a social network. 

In addition, statistics show that 90% of the information from the read text is forgotten, so in order for the viewer to visually remember your brand or offer, use motion design. What’s more, people are more likely to share visual content, which is great news for businesses that want good publicity.


User experience is better with motion design


First, user experience is literally the experience your customer gets every time they visit your websites or social media. It is formed on the sensations and perceptions of a particular situation. Most often, when UX is mentioned, it is about the digital media space.


So, to make this experience as pleasant as possible for the user, you should also resort to animated graphics. This will greatly facilitate site navigation, help a potential client find what he is interested in, and also provide user engagement. There are an infinite number of options for using graphics, it all depends on desires and imagination. In any case, this will help maintain a quality interaction between the company and the client.



Modern companies need to keep up with the times.  Motion design is a great option that really has a lot of uses and pros. It has a significant impact on business development, as it helps to attract the attention of users. Real masters of their craft create simple and ingenious works that help to find and retain their audience. Contact us and we will find awesome solutions for your business together!

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