MSK Prasad, the head of the selection committee, said the reason for Dhoni's omission from the national team.


Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been away from cricket for a long time. Many claimed that Dhoni had left the army after India's defeat in the World Cup semi-finals, which is why he had asked for a few days off from cricket. So he is not returning to the team. Again, many claimed that Dhoni is staying away from cricket at the moment to give a chance to young talent. But which is actually true? However, after so long, the real reason for Dhoni's exclusion from the national team was revealed by MSK Prasad, the head of the selection committee.

“I myself wanted Dhoni to return to the Indian team,” said MSK Prasad, the head of the selection committee. Let's give some advice on wicket keeping to KL Rahul. “We talked to Dhoni about his comeback in the national team,” Prasad said. But he himself took leave for a few days. That is why we give Rishabh Panth a chance in the team thinking about the future.

Along with Panth, KL Rahul is doing a great job behind the wicket. In such a situation, Dhoni had to perform well in the IPL to return to the national team. But the corona virus has created uncertainty about the IPL. That is why MSK Prasad thinks that Dhoni has no place to prove himself, so at this moment it became very difficult for Dhoni to come back in the national team.