Mukesh Khanna: Mukesh Khanna gave a strong advice to Naseeruddin Shah, said- ‘Join the Love Jihad gang’


Mukesh Khanna: मुकेश खन्ना ने नसीरुद्दीन शाह को दे डाली तगड़ी नसीहत, बोले-

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Actor Naseeruddin Shah recently gave a controversial statement, due to which he is in the news. Naseeruddin Shah had said without naming any film that nowadays it has become fashionable to hate Muslims and hatred is being instilled in people. Now, on this statement of Naseeruddin Shah, actor Mukesh Khanna has retaliated and said that such a statement was not expected from such a veteran actor. How have they become so bigoted and are talking such bad things.

Naseeruddin Shah had recently targeted the Modi government without naming films like ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’. Naseeruddin Shah had said in his statement that nowadays hatred towards Muslims is being filled with great cleverness in the minds of educated people. Naseeruddin Shah had also accused of spreading propaganda through these films.

Mukesh Khanna gave advice to Naseeruddin Shah

Now actor Mukesh Khanna has hit back at Naseeruddin Shah and shared a video on Instagram and advised him to join Love Jihad. While sharing the video, Mukesh Khanna wrote, I came to know after seeing Naseeruddin Shah that a great actor can say such a cheap and childish thing.

‘Join the gang promoting Love Jihad’

Giving advice to Naseeruddin, Mukesh Khanna wrote, ‘If no one is safe in the country, then they are 100 crore Hindus. Such bigotry does not suit an actor. If you feel like this, then join the gang promoting the team of Love Jihad. You have to think otherwise people should stop watching your movies.

Shraddha and Sakshi murder case mentioned

Mukesh Khanna has also mentioned Sakshi, Shraddha, Ankita incident and vandalism in Kanpur Hanuman temple in the video. Apart from this, the matter of beheading of a tailor in broad daylight has also been mentioned. Mukesh Khanna also advised Naseeruddin Shah to correct his information.

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