Multiple bogus accounts in the name of 'Shayama'

Banglahant Desk: Tiyasha Roy, the actress of the popular Krishnakali serial, got into trouble with fake accounts. One fake account after another on social media has been burnt to death. Although there was a lot of talk about this on social media, the benefits did not match.

In this context, Tiyasha told the news media that if one account is closed, ten more fake accounts are opened. The owner of the fake account has also talked about this with her husband Suban. In Tiyasha's words, he has a strange whim. The fake account can be deleted after running for a few days, that is what the person said.

This is not the end. These fraudsters are playing the video made by Tiyasha in their own name. The actress has entered the hall this time as she is compelled.
Tiyasha shared screenshots of all these fake accounts and conversations with their owners on her social media page. Co-star Neel Bhattacharya and Rimjhim Mitra are also on Tiasha's side.

Recently, the actress's picture of playing Sindur on Vijaya Dashami also went viral. However, it is not Tiyasha herself, the pictures are shared from one of her fanpages. A few days after the victory, Matas Tiyasha was playing the game of Sindur. Husband Suban has also been seen.

The actress was caught on camera in a red and white sari. At the same time, Tiyasha posed with a smile on her cheeks with wide vermilion and cheeks with vermilion. Earlier, Tiyasha did a photoshoot during the shooting of Krishnakoli. She also finished the puja outfit during the shooting. The actress shared a picture in that outfit. However, in this film, he was caught in the role of Shayama.