Multiple bottles of liquor, blood-stained tissues recovered from dead actress Arya's house


Banglahant Desk: The news of the mysterious death of Bollywood actress Arya Banerjee alias Devdatta Bandopadhyay was received yesterday. Her unconscious body was recovered from the actress' house in Jodhpur Park. Doctors declared him dead when he was rushed to a hospital.

However, the mystery surrounding the death of the actress is becoming more complicated instead of unraveling. The body of the actress was recovered from a three-storey house. According to police sources, the first and second floor doors of the house were closed on the day of the incident but the door leading to the roof was open. Multiple bottles of liquor were found in a three-storey house. Glass was also found. However, the question of whether there was anyone else with the actress that night is raising the fog.

More exciting information has been found. Arya contracted hepatitis B last year. He also had kidney problems. But he did not get treatment. Occasionally blood flowed from his nose and mouth. Blood-stained tissue paper was also recovered from the house.

It is learned that the actress was eating honey mixed with wine while sitting on the bed on the day of the incident. His unconscious body lay on that bed. However, he did not eat the food brought from outside that night. The housemaid said that the actress also refused to cook on the night of the incident.

On the morning of the incident, the housemaid of the actress first came and called her. No response was received and the police was informed through the neighbors. Lake police came and broke down the door and entered the house. According to the neighbors, Arya was accustomed to a very chaotic life. He did not stay in this ancestral house in Jodhpur Park.

Incidentally, this Bengali actress acted in several films even though she did not gain much popularity in Bollywood. Arake was seen in a few more films including 'Love Sex Our Deception', Vidya Balan's 'Dirty Picture' Later, Arya Bandyopadhyay also acted in the popular TV show 'Sabdhan India'.