Mumbai police have filed a case against former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina. Learn the whole story.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Suresh Raina, who bid farewell to the cricket world this year, is now embroiled in a new controversy. An FIR has been filed in Mumbai against the former Indian cricketer. Mumbai's Dragon Fly Suresh Raina was caught red-handed for violating the Corona Rules. Police have made several more accused, including Raina.

Corona rules were not being followed in one of the five star hotels. No one wore a mask, and no one maintained social distance. According to police sources, many Bollywood stars were also present at the party. For now, no one's name has come forward except Raina. Action has been taken against the club authorities.

A case has been filed against the 34-year-old cricketer under Section 17 of the IPC. Suresh Raina made headlines in 2020 for many reasons. He left cricket with Dhoni on August 15, just before the IPL.