Mumbai’s Chawl public saw AC, seeing the picture people said – My country is changing!


मुंबई के चॉल जनता को दिखी AC, तस्वीर देख लोगों ने कहा- मेरा देश बदल रहा है!

AC shown in chawlImage Credit source: Twitter/@GabbbarSingh

Whenever it comes to the most attractive cities of the country, the name of Mayanagari Mumbai comes at the top. As soon as its name comes, we reach a different world. It is said about this city that once a person reaches here, he never wants to return from there. Skyscrapers, luxury hotels and all the facilities are available here. Every year lakhs of people come to this city to make their career. Apart from this, there are many small settlements in Mumbai as well. Where people live in less comforts. Now a picture from this area of ​​Mumbai is going viral. Which remains a topic of discussion among the people at this time.

Like every city, there are many such settlements in Mumbai too, where people work hard day and night to earn bread for two times and run their family. These are such people who not only have difficulty in getting work but also have to struggle a lot for facilities like electricity, water. But what if you have AC installed in these settlements? You must be finding this a bit strange in hearing, but it is true that even slum-dwellers or chawls of Mumbai can buy such things.

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see picture here

Seeing this picture going viral, a question must have arisen in your mind that the weather in Mumbai is normal, then what is the need for people living in slum areas to start using ACs. The summer here is humid. Which is difficult to bear without AC. It can be seen in this picture that the house is built over an open drain and AC is installed in the house.

This picture has been shared on Twitter by an account named @GabbbarSingh. With which it was written in the caption, ‘AC installed in a house with a chawl above an open drain.’ This picture has been shared on 10 June. Till the time of writing the news, more than eight lakh people have seen it and are giving their feedback by commenting.

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