Musk promises new Tesla Roadster will do -60 mph in 1.1s with SpaceX rocket alternative

Elon Musk has taken a break from tweeting about cryptocurrency to answer a fan’s issue about Tesla’s prepared second-era Roadster.

When questioned via Twitter last week whether or not it is really correct the new Roadster will be equipped to hit 60 mph from relaxation in just 1.1 seconds, the Tesla CEO answered “yes,” introducing that the automobile will need a “SpaceX rocket thruster choice package” to do so.

At the new Roadster’s expose in 2017, Tesla explained the automobile will be in a position to hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Nonetheless, shortly following the reveal Musk took to Twitter to up the hoopla by boasting there would be a overall performance upgrade—a effectiveness enhance maybe involving rockets.

Based mostly on Musk’s most recent tweet, it seems the rocket enhance has been verified. Whether or not it basically makes generation stays to be found, nevertheless.

But how may it get the job done? Musk has supplied clues in a variety of tweets created in the 4 decades considering the fact that the new Roadster’s expose. Somewhat than use chemical rockets like these created by Musk’s SpaceX enterprise, Musk has hinted that the Roadster’s rocket would count on compressed air created by an onboard pump and stored in tanks replacing the rear seats. The thruster would stage out from the rear of the car, possibly guiding a flip-down license plate.

2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster

We might have to think about that such a program may be unsafe for any one going for walks earlier the thruster, generating it questionable that it would even be allowed on a road-lawful vehicle. It is likely any rocket enhance will be confined to track use only.

Any individual continue to ready for the new Roadster should really be well prepared to wait around much longer. The car was at first promised for 2020, and when that year rolled around Musk explained Tesla is centered on much more urgent issues, like obtaining its German plant up and jogging and the Cybertruck pickup truck in output at a new plant in Texas. There’s also the Semi transport truck tucked absent someplace in Tesla’s ideas.