Muslim women build lamps in the name of Lord Ram to seek world peace against religious fundamentalism

Bangla Hunt Desk: On the one hand, just as the problems of the whole world are increasing day by day for the Islamic extremists, on the other hand, Muslim women in Kashi, known as the city of religion, started a campaign to light the lamp of hope against extremism by making a lamp in the name of Lord Rama on the occasion of Diwali. Hindu as well as Muslim women are hoping for a successful boycott campaign against religious extremism and Chinese content by lighting a lamp in the name of Lord Ram on Diwali as their ancestor.

On the one hand, Islamic extremism has caused instability and panic in many countries of the world. On the other hand, Muslim women have decided to light a lamp in the name of Lord Rama on Diwali this year to convey the message of brotherhood in Kashi, a famous religious city, as an example of communal harmony. Special preparations are being made at the office of the Muslim Women's Foundation at Munshi Premchandra village in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not only Hindus but also Muslim women are preparing to light a lamp named Ram.

The lamp is made of clay and dung, then it is beautifully designed and the name of Lord Rama is written on it. Nazneen Ansari, the state president of the Muslim Women's Foundation, said the lamps were made in the name of Lord Rama, adding that the world was in a state of panic over Islamic extremism. And that is why in order to dispel the darkness of the fundamentalists, the ideal ancestor will make lamps in Diwali in the name of Lord Rama and distribute them among the people.

Another Muslim female member of the foundation said, “I am a Muslim on one side and a proud Indian on the other. And Lord Rama is my ancestor. For this reason, I have no problem lighting a lamp in the name of Lord Rama on this Diwali.