Muslims have the right to kill people in France, says former Malaysian PM

Bangla Hunt Desk: In France, the whole world seems to be divided. A teacher in France was beheaded for publishing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. France became heated after this incident. The French government has also been criticized for not bowing to the incident.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad opened his mouth about this incident in France. Supporting the Muslim community, he said Muslims have the right to kill people in France. He also slammed French President Emmanuel Macron.

A sneer at the former Prime Minister of Malaysia

In support of Muslims, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad tweeted on Thursday that Muslims do not believe in the “eye for eye” policy. That is why no revenge has yet been taken on the people of France. People from other communities living in France should not disrespect the feelings of people from different communities. It is totally inappropriate to disrespect the traditions and culture of other sects. Respect for others reveals how civilized a person is.

Mahathir Mohammad's explosive remarks

Criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron, he wrote, “Macron's behavior does not make him look like a civilized man. The way he is blaming Islam and Muslims for the murder of a school teacher shows his biased attitude. He may have forgotten that during the creation of the colony, the inhabitants of France killed millions of people, the lion's share of which belonged to the Muslim community. So at the present time the Muslim community has every right to show anger at the people of France and kill them ’.

3 killed in terrorist attack in France

Meanwhile, terrorists broke into a church in the French city of Nice and beheaded a woman and killed two others. In the wake of the terrorist attack, the mayor of the French city of Nice, Christian Estrosi, tweeted that the atrocity took place near or inside the Natar Dam church in the city of Nice. The accused assassin is currently in police custody. The three men who were attacked were killed and several others were injured on the spot.