My father was a terrorist, my son was a KAS officer after studying, the army respected me!

video: Once upon a time there was a stronghold of terrorism in the remote area of ​​Doda district. But today KAS officer Gazi Abdullah has started his national service from there. Gazi's father was a militant. Gazi grew up in an orphanage after his father died in the conflict. Fighting from there, he has devoted himself to national service today.

After graduating from Ghazi Aligarh Muslim University, he has passed the most prestigious KAS exam in Jammu and Kashmir. The army organized a special ceremony in honor of his achievement. In this program, Gazi Abdullah told the story of his life struggle to the school students.

Gazi Abdullah, who was conducting the ceremony on behalf of the army, said that an example of how hard work can change fortunes. Faced with terrorism, poverty and adversity, Ghazi has passed the prestigious KAS exam.

When the students wanted to know the mantra of his success from Ghazi, Ghazi Abdullah said that nothing is impossible without hard work and training. Reaching the destination requires firm conviction. Gazi said access to education has become very easy at present. From any region, young people can achieve their goals with hard work and dedication.

Needless to say, Abdullah has become an inspiration for the youth of Kashmir, the cradle of militancy and terrorism. The young Kashmiris will also come forward in the service of the country following the path shown by him