My mother came home as soon as I read the stick in Dhaka

Banglahant Desk: Today, Maha Panchami, the festival of life of Bengalis, Durga Puja (Durga Puja) has fallen on the roof. The sky is buzzing with the smell of cashew flowers and hyacinths all around. The Bengalis are intoxicated with the joy of Pujo. The city of Tilottama is adorned with lights. Mother has come.

It was only after Niranjan's mother in 2019 that it was known that her mother would come to her father's house in 2020 after about 1 month of Mahalaya. There are some rules. So it will be a little late for mom to come. From then on, the wait for the mother began. The people of Bengal look for the arrival of their mother like a hawk for a whole year, and an extra month. As if time was not running out.

The year 2020 fell. But the joy of mother's arrival faded a little. There were tears all around. China's terrible epidemic Corona virus has spread all over the world. In a few moments the whole world came to a standstill. This is the first time the whole world is familiar with the word lockdown. The companion is the mask and the fear of death.

At present, after a long lockdown, the whole world is trying to return to the old rhythm, even if only by following the various rules as advised by the doctors. But in fear of this crisis, doubts were created in the minds of Bengalis about the arrival of their mother. But this time, do not take away the joy of Pujo!

No, reassuring the people of Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee agreed to prepare for the arrival of her mother. Hearing this, the Bengalis seemed to come back to life even in the panic of death. The streets and ghats of Kolkata are slowly being transformed, the devastated minds of the people are being transformed. However, the joy of this year's pujo is lower than other times, but the people of Bengal are intoxicated at the festival by obeying the prohibition of entering the pandal as per Corona's warning.