‘My son’s big danger, 5-6 months is a little manageable. I will send money ', a 5 month old baby was found in the bag with the letter

Banglahant Desk: A bag was found in front of the house of Anand Ojha, a resident of Trilokpur village in Munshiganj police station area of ​​Amethi district on Tuesday morning. When people walking in the morning are attracted to the bag, they hear the sound of a baby crying from the bag.

5 month old baby matched from the bag

In Amethi, when the people gathered around at the sound of the baby crying, the people of Anand Ojha's family opened the bag and saw that there was a child in it. The baby will be approximately 5-6 months old. There was also a letter written in English in the bag. The content of the letter was, ‘Take care of my son for 5-6 months. I will send money every month. My son's big danger.

Letters are also found inside the bag

The entire letter read, ‘This is my son. I keep him with you for 5-6 months. I've heard a lot about you. You are a very gentle person. He is in great danger, so I am keeping my son with you. I have some problems and she doesn't have a mother. So I beg you with folded hands, take care of my baby. When the situation is right, I will come and take him. Don't worry, baby is from a Brahmin family.

The letter further stated, ‘Please do not tell anyone that I have left my son with you. Otherwise it will be a danger for me too. He is my only child. I will send you 5000 rupees per month. I will give more if needed. You'd better say he's a friend's son. Whose mother is in a coma. I have full confidence in you. If there is a problem, I will never blame you. '

Police are investigating

After receiving the child, he immediately informed the police and the police arrived at Anand's house. SO Methylles Singh admitted to having the baby, saying the baby is currently with Anand’s family. However, who left the child there under any circumstances will be investigated.