Myanmar’s ‘beauty queen’ takes up arms to restore democracy in the country

Bangla Hunt Desk: Elections were held in Myanmar last year after nearly 50 years of military rule. The people brought the National League for Democracy or NLD to power by winning a huge vote. But soon after, allegations of vote rigging surfaced against the ruling party. The army coup began. Other top leaders of the party, including Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi, were arrested. After the November elections, a mass coup took place in February and the Burmese army, or Tatma Dao, seized power in Myanmar. But since then, ordinary people have been fighting for the return of democracy. This parliamentary election had a significant impact on the general public. Even countries like India, Australia and the United States expressed concern.

The army also stopped publicity in the state media. Not only that, the state of emergency is also issued for one year. But the beauty queen of Myanmar, Tate Tate, has once again proved that the desire for democracy among the people is not yet dead, despite the deaths of nearly 700 soldiers. The 32-year-old, who won the title of the best beauty in the 2013 Miss Grand International beauty pageant, picked up the weapon. This time he chose revolution as the path in the interest of democracy. He recalled Che Guevara’s famous quote by sharing a picture of himself armed on Twitter that day. “Revolution is not an apple, it will automatically ripen from a tree and fall to the ground. You have to make arrangements to bring it to the ground. ”He also called on people to join the revolution from his Facebook profile. “It’s time to fight,” he wrote. Join the fight to restore democracy with whatever weapon, pen, keyboard or money you have in your hand. This revolution will be successful only if everyone cooperates. ”

Already, other countries, including India, have been vocal about the Myanmar incident. They have called for the return of democracy in the country. In this situation, this step of the beauty queen of Myanmar has been welcomed by the fans and supporters from home and abroad. It is difficult to say how complicated the situation will become in the coming days, but it is needless to say that his bold move has taken everyone by surprise.