Myth: Are sneezing and coughing bad luck? Know their full truth


Myth: क्या छींकना और टोकना होते हैं अपशकुन? जान लें इनकी पूरी सच्चाई

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Myths In India: There are many such things spread in the society, on which people believe blindly, while they have nothing to do with the truth. Now lemon pepper Just look at People consider these things as protectors from the evil eye. That is why you must have seen that often people hang lemon and chillies in front of their houses or shops, so that no one can have an evil eye on it, whereas in reality it is just a sign. myth Yes, there is superstition, which people have accepted as true. Similarly, one more thing is very much in vogue in the society. people to sneeze and bite Bad Omen Admit it, but do you know how true this thing is?

You must have seen that often when someone leaves the house to go somewhere and if someone asks where they are going, then people take it as a bad omen. They believe that by interrupting while going somewhere, the journey gets spoiled or the work for which they are going, that work cannot be done. Apart from this, sneezing is also seen as a bad omen.

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If you sneeze once while leaving the house, it becomes a bad omen and if you sneeze twice, everything will be fine, you can go out. But if you have sneezed only once, then it is said that sit and drink water, then go, otherwise the work will be spoiled, some untoward may happen on the way.

Such things are prevalent in rural areas, on which people believe indiscriminately, but in reality nothing like this happens. These things are just an illusion, myths, which have been going on for centuries. If you are leaving the house and you sneeze or someone interrupts, then it is not a bad omen. It is possible that something untoward has happened to someone by doing this, but it can be just a coincidence, not the truth. So know that sneezing and barking are not bad omens. These are just myths, which are prevalent in the society.

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