MYTH: Does plucking out one white hair really make more white hairs grow? know the truth


MYTH: क्या सच में एक सफेद बाल तोड़ने से उग आते हैं कई और व्हाइट हेयर? जान लें सच्चाई

white hair myth Image credit source: Pixabay

Many things heard in childhood seem absolutely true to us despite growing up and we find them absolutely true. These are simple myths on which we trust, but it is not necessary that every myth is true! Many times myths are such that we have been believing since childhood and later it comes to know that these things were false.

Such myths often happen with things related to health and beauty. Wherever heard things are accepted as absolutely true. But in reality, they don’t even have hands and feet. There is one such myth which we had heard in childhood and believe me even today many people believe it to be true and that myth is that breaking one white hair causes many hairs to turn white. Let us know how much truth is there in this and how much is lie…

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Don’t know how true is this years old myth?

As we all know that in today’s time people’s hair starts turning white at a young age. Many people apply color to hide it, while many people leave it like this because they think that if we do something with it, then all our hair will turn white. But it is not so because the pigment cells that give color to the hair become weak with increasing age and in today’s time, according to the way in which our food and drink, it becomes weak in a very small way.

Because of which our hair starts turning white before age. Nor by plucking a single hair… However, it cannot be denied that we should not pluck our hair at all because if we do so, the follicles present under the scalp get damaged and this causes problems in new hair growth. . That’s why we should not cut our hair at all and it is possible that this myth has been spread so that people do not break their hair.

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