Nagaland minister seen riding a bike without a helmet! The question was asked, the public was shocked after reading such an answer


बिना हेलमेट बाइक दौड़ाते दिखे नागालैंड के मंत्री! हुए सवाल तो दिया ऐसा जवाब पढ़कर लोटपोट हुई पब्लिक

Minister Temjen Imna again looted the gathering with his answerImage Credit source: Twitter/@rocklungleng

Temjen Imna Along Tweet: Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along is everyone’s favorite on social media. He is known among his followers for his witty replies and interesting posts. At the moment, one of his tweets is very much discussed. it happened that Twitter But a user shared a picture of him sitting on a Harley without a helmet. On which Twitter users started talking all kinds of things. Meanwhile, the minister robbed the entire gathering with his answer. Along with this, he has also given an important security message.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter, a user named Rock Lungleng Naga shared a photo of Minister Temjen, in which he is seen sitting on a Harley bike without a helmet. Then what was left. People caught hold of this and started talking different things. Someone asked – why not a helmet, then someone commented – the helmet of the size of his head was not made at all. After being trolled, the reply given by the minister in his familiar style has once again won the hearts of the fans.

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See here, photo of Temjen Imna riding a Harley

The minister has written in a funny tone, now brother, style is also needed to pose. However, he has also appealed not to travel without a helmet. The post has been viewed more than four lakh times, while more than 10,000 likes and 614 retweets have been received.

‘Need style to pose’

People asked – where is the helmet brother?

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