Nagraj made a mistake, attacked the cat, taught the hunter fun in a slap


नागराज से हुई गलती, बिल्ली पर कर दिया हमला, एक थप्पड़ में शिकारी को सिखाया मजा

snake and cat fightImage Credit source: Twitter/ @darksidenatures

On the coming days, many videos of animals and animals are dominated on social media. Which is very much liked by the people. There was a time when we had to rely on television channels to know about the lifestyle, routine, how they live and hunt to feed themselves, but in today’s world there is no dearth of wildlife photographers. Is. Everyone has become a wildlife lover and photographer because of a good smartphone, and that is why when we get to watch videos related to wildlife, its fun is completely different. In this episode, a funny video of a snake and cat fight is going viral.

On hearing the name of snake, everyone’s forehead starts sweating. Apart from animals, the condition of people also becomes so bad that they change their way, but the video that has come out these days is a bit different because this snake has encountered a cat. You must have heard many stories of cat’s cleverness. How carefully does a cat hunt? Something similar was seen in this video. Where a cat taught such a lesson to the snake that now it will think a hundred times before attacking someone else next time.

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watch video here

In the video you can see that a snake suddenly attacks the cat. But the cat’s mind is sharper than the hunter and she gives a befitting reply to every attack of the snake. Actually, as soon as the snake rises in the air and opens its mouth and attacks the cat, it attacks the snake with its claws. Due to which the snake gets destroyed in a single attack and starts running away from the ground. This clip has been shared on Twitter by @darksidenatures. Which has been seen by more than six lakh people till the time of writing this news.

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