Nana Patekar has spent all her earnings in a one-room house


BanglaHunt Desk: Nana Patekar is very popular for her acting and humanity. Despite being a popular star in the world of cinema, Nana left luxury and lived a very simple life. Own earnings Most of it He has spent for the welfare of the people. Now the actor lives in a one-room flat.
1951 Nana Patekar was born in Raigarh, Maharashtra. His real name is Bishwanath Patekar. He has grown up seeing the face of Onton from the spot. My father was a cloth merchant and my mother was a housewife. Although he dreamed of acting from a young age, looking at the world, Nana could never say it openly.
Nana started earning money by drawing film posters as well as studying to help her 13-year-old father. He used to get 35 rupees per poster. At one time he also painted zebra crossings. He also has a reputation for mischief in his childhood. It is known that once Nana's mother came to her aunt's house as she could not handle him. Within two days, his aunt sent him back home. Allegedly, he used to insult his brothers and sisters.

Nana Patekar became involved in drama from the time she was in college. He has also worked for a few advertising agencies. At the age of 26, he married his college classmate Nilkanti Patekar. His father died a year after the marriage. Losing the first child too. However, Nana did not give up. 196He set foot in Bollywood holding the film 'Gaman'. Seeing his title, one picture proposal after another kept coming.
It is learned that Nana Patekar had undergone special army training for three years to act in the film 'Prahar'. After this photo, he was given the title of Captain of the Indian Army. It is said that he got some responsibilities during the Kargil war. He has given the lion's share of what he has earned since entering Bollywood for the welfare of poor and helpless people. Many times he has donated all his earnings to a voluntary organization.

Now Nana lives apart from his wife. He lives in a 650-square-foot flat in Mumbai. 2015He has set up his own organization 'Nam Foundation' which works in drought prone areas of Maharashtra. 2015 In the year, his non-government organization has given 15 thousand rupees to 175 farming families in Vidarbha, Latur area. Nana has also announced plans to build 500 houses in flood-prone areas of Maharashtra. However, the actor did none of this on his own. Shiv Sena has already turned down the offer. He will not come into politics. According to Nana, his mind stays calm when he benefits people.