Narendra Modi brought his daughter's plea to her father


BanglaHunt Desk: World Health Organization statistics show that more than five million coronary virus infections have been recorded in 12 countries, killing 22,220 people. In India, too, the number of victims has already dropped to six. In this dire situation, the central government has decided on a nationwide lockdown. Twelve states and eight union territories of the country have been suspended for 24 days.

In this situation, everyone who is away from his home in another state or country, everyone wants to return home. Many are worried about their family. This time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a fancy message to those expatriates. She shared a video from her Twitter handle.

The video shows a girl writing a letter to her father. In the letter, the girl is writing to her father, she is missing her father a little, not even her mother. So there is no need to get busy and return home. His father must stay where he is because if he comes out he won't win. Caption of this video is written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a message to the father of a girl. (A young girl's message to her father.)

The tweet went viral as it was shared. So far 4,000 netizens retweet this tweet. Liked 3K. The number is jumping up and down every minute

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