Narendra Modi's plea to light lamps against fundamentalists


Bangla Hunt Desk: In a battle against Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal for nine minutes on Sunday, April 5, at 9 pm, people from all over the country lit the lamps, waxes, torches and flash lights of mobiles, suggesting that the whole country is fighting against Corona. This initiative of people last night seems to have started premature Deepabali.

Renowned people, cricketers, businessmen, industrialists, mangoes and even people in the hut responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and lit a lamp in front of his house last night. Indian cricketers also show that they stand together with the entire country during this crisis.

Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan lit the lamp after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's petition to fight the Corona virus. And he shares the picture on his Instagram account. After sharing that photo, some fanatic Zahir Khan began to be sarcastic.

They were outraged at seeing Zahir Khan's lamp lit, and went to his post and started commenting in reverse. Many people even scold Zahir Khan for lighting a lamp. Many say Zaheer Khan is a devotee of Modi. Many even call him not Muslim. However, many praised Zaheer Khan, and thanked him for standing by the country in this war.

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