Nasiruddin scoffs at Kangana as 'semi-educated emerging actress'


Veteran actor Nasiruddin Shah (kangana ranawat) called Kangana Ranaut 'half educated'. Nasiruddin quipped that the movie mafia in Bollywood is aimed at the mafia, no one is interested to know what a semi-educated actress is saying.

In a recent interview with an all-India news outlet, Nasiruddin Shah made it clear that there is no mafia in Bollywood. No one is interested in hearing about a semi-educated emerging actress. He also said, “It is as if he has shouldered the responsibility of seeking justice for Sushant.” Everyone must have justice in the justice system. It's not a personal matter. “

Kangana Ranaut also countered Nasiruddin's statement. On behalf of his social media team, he tweeted, ‘Nasir G is a big size actor. Even the abuse of such a great artist is like the grace of God. I see old interviews about our movies, you complimented me. 'The tweet added,' If I were the daughter of Prakash Padukone or Anil Kapoor, would you say that? '

On the other hand, trolls and criticism have started on social media with this statement of Nasiruddin. Many have supported Kangana and expressed anger against Nasiruddin.

Incidentally, Kangna's team recently tweeted about the names of the 'mafia'. It read, ‘My friends may think my words are baseless. Most of the time I am vocal about the movie mafia, their immoral, Hindutva clique. But I know my time is limited. They can suspend my account at any time. I have a lot to say. I will use this time to expose them. '