Navdeep Saini's 140 km speed ball hit his body and Tehtia hit back


Bangla Hunt Desk: Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals met in an important match of IPL yesterday at 3.30 pm. And in this match a small danger happened. Which might have been bigger but luckily Rahul Tehtia survived.

Then the last over of the innings of Rajasthan Royals. Rahul Tehtia is batting. On the other hand, young fast bowler Navdeep Saini has bowled for Bangalore. The second ball of the over slipped from the hands of Navdeep Saini and hit Rahul Tehtia's body. Rahul Tehtia immediately fell to the ground after being hit by the ball. Navdeep Saini immediately ran towards Tehtiya. Fear was working in everyone's mind. The situation could have been more complicated.

Navdeep Saini is known as one of the fastest growing professionals in Indian cricket. Saini's ball hit Rahul Tehtia's body at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Normal thinking started in everyone. But after that the physio of Rajasthan Royals came and after a short treatment, Rahul Tehtia recovered.

But then Rahul Tehtia didn't just stand up and sent two consecutive balls of Navdeep Saini straight to the gallery. Rahul Tehtia's mercurial innings helped Rajasthan Royals reach 154 runs.