Navy power glider crashes in Kerala, killing two officers


Bangla Hunt Desk: A Navy Power Glider crashed in Kochi, Kerala on Sunday morning. Lieutenant Rajiv Jhan and Petty Officer Sunil Kumar were killed in the accident. The accident happened near the Thoppumpadi Bridge near the naval base. The crashed power glider INS Garuda flew into the sky. The Southern Naval Command Board has ordered an investigation.

A defense spokesman said the Navy glider flew from INS Garuda during regular training. The glider crashed near the Navy base at Thoppumpadi Bridge around 7am. He said Glider rider Lieutenant Rajiv Jhan and Petty Officer Sunil Kumar were taken to INHS Sanjivani. There the doctors pronounced them dead.

Earlier on Saturday, an officer was killed in an accident while paragliding at Karbar in Karnataka. However, the trainer survived the accident. According to official sources, the officer and his trainer Rabindranath Tagore were paragliding on the coast. At that time the glider broke into the sea due to some mechanical fault. One officer was killed in the accident.