Nawazuddin's family is breaking up, his wife has sent a legal notice of divorce


Bollywood Hunt Desk: Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's breakup in the midst of lockdown. Wife Alia Siddiqui (aaliya siddiqui) sent a legal notice seeking divorce after a long ten years. According to him, he has lost his self-esteem about their marriage. So he has no desire to stay in this relationship.
Nawaz's wife Alia opened up about this in a recent interview. “There are a lot of things that I don't want to talk about right now,” he said. But the problems started after we got married ten years ago. In the two months of lockdown I got a chance to think. It is important to have a relationship. It ended before me. I was told I was nobody. I was left alone. ”

Alia added that Nawazuddin's brother Shamas was also the cause of the problem. Alia has changed her name to Anjana Kishore Pandey. Because he did not want to get any information about Nawaz's identity. Alia Saf said that she does not want to think about this marriage anymore. However, he wants to keep his two children with him.
Ali's lawyer said a legal notice of separation had been sent to Nawazuddin on May 8 via email and WhatsApp. His wife also sent a notice. But the actor never gave any answer. Alia has demanded alimony rather than separation. However, Ali's lawyer did not want to say more about this.