Naxal connection in Hathras case, the woman was conspiring in the guise of fake Baudi! Claim investigation team


Bangla Hunt Desk: New information is coming out every day about the Hathras case in Uttar Pradesh. And this time after the Naxal connection came to the fore in the Hathras case, excitement has spread. The SIT team is on the hunt for a woman from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is heard that the suspect used to pretend to be a fake baudi in the house of the tortured woman. The SIT investigation has revealed that the Naxalite woman was conspiring from the victim's house from September 18 to 22. Earlier on Friday, police said there was a connection between the PFI and the Bhim Army in the foreign funding case in the Heathrow case. However, ED has blown up the theory of Bhim Army connections.

SIT sources investigating the Hathras case said the Naxalite woman was wearing a veil and talking to the police and the SIT. Two days after the incident, the suspect woman reached the village of torture. It has been alleged that the Naxalite woman was inciting the family from the torture house. Sensational information has come to light after investigating the call details of a Naxalite activist woman in their house in the guise of a victim.

According to the investigating agencies, a team of police and SIT is investigating the Naxal connection with foreign funding. Earlier, the SIT had launched an investigation into the incident and uncovered a conspiracy to spread communal riots in Uttar Pradesh and across the country. The SIT team is still interrogating 50 people. Police have arrested four people in the Heathrow case, identified as members of the suspected PFI.

One of the four arrested is a resident of Jarbal area of ​​Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh. After their arrest, the UP police became active. Bahraich police said the area is near the Indo-Nepal border, where several PFI operatives have been arrested in the past few days.