Nepal backs India's bid for permanent membership in UNSC, China warns

BanglaHunt Desk: Nepal has returned to the glory of the friendly country. Recently, the Foreign Minister of Nepal visited Delhi and had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of India. Not only that, he also supported India's permanent membership in the UNSC. But as soon as this news was published, China became purple in oil.

The Chinese ambassador to Nepal met the Nepalese president soon after receiving the news. He expressed anger over Nepal's decision on India.

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According to sources, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hu Yaki arrived at the Presidential Palace of Nepal at around 6 pm on the day of the incident. While there, he expressed his displeasure to the President of Nepal. The meeting between them lasted for about 2 hours.

There are currently 5 countries in the UNSC. These include the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China. Only countries other than China have supported India's bid for permanent membership in the UNSC. India has recently become a temporary member of the UNSC for the next two years from January 1.

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Fearing India, the Chinese government can never support India's bid for permanent membership of the UNSC. Whenever a country supports India's bid for permanent membership in the UNSC, China intimidates and favors it. So when Nepal stood up for India and asked for membership in the UNSC, without informing anyone, the Chinese ambassador suddenly went to Nepal's presidential palace and threatened Nepal to reverse their decision.