Nepal Police seize 22 kg of gold from BJP leader's brother's flat

Banglahunt Desk: On the one hand, strong preparations are going on for the upcoming elections, on the other hand, there is a rift between the Trinamool BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and other parties. That is to save one's own mattress. However, in the meantime, the mattress of a BJP leader has been shaken recently. Nepal Police recovered 22 kg of gold from the flat of BJP leader Pramod Sinha's brother.

Gold recovered from BJP leader's brother's flat

Recently, after receiving information from undercover sources, Nepal Police raided a flat in Birganj. Nepal Police recovered 22 kg 58 grams of gold from there. According to Nepal Police sources, the flat from which the huge amount of gold was recovered belonged to Ashok Sinha, brother of BJP leader Promod Sinha. Promod Sinha is one of the MLAs of Bihar's Roxual Assembly.

He was working on the Nepal-India border

BJP leader Promod Sinha and his brother Ashok Sinha are residents of Haroa in Roxual. Ashok Sinha lives in the famous Laxmi Ganesh apartment in Birganj. According to sources, Ashok Sinha is in charge of customs clearing at the India-Nepal border.

Gold of huge amount confiscated

Police said a search of Ashok Sinha's flat turned up a large quantity of gold biscuits and other gold items. A total of about 22 kg 58 grams of gold was seized from there. In all, the current market price is more than 12 crore rupees.