Netapara laughs after watching viral video of 'medicine' teacher


viral video: The current era is the era of social media. Every day we share pictures or videos of various events happening around us on Netdunia. Many times those pictures or videos become wildly popular or viral. These viral videos give us unadulterated pleasure as well as make us think. One such funny video has gone viral recently.

Everyone who has tutored them knows that teaching young children is quite a hassle. Some people don't want to sit down to read like that, some people don't want to sit down to read again. Some students do not care about any kind of punishment. A teacher brought a fancy 'medicine' for such a dreadful student.

The viral video shows the teacher sitting with several students. It is known that one of them has not done his homework yet. The name of the student is known from the teacher's mouth. Her teacher brought a gift for her because she didn't do her homework.

Not actually a gift, the teacher presents an injection to the student. Seeing that, I cried and felt restless. He said over and over again that he would never come back to study without homework. Although the teacher is not the one to cry, he repeatedly threatens to inject. Although in the end he was pardoned for 7 days.

This funny video has gone viral on Netdunia. Millions of netizens have already watched this video. They are laughing and laughing. Check out the viral video