Netizens accuse Kartik of domestic violence


BanglaHunt Desk: There are many newcomers to Bollywood. But there are enough doubts about how many actors have such a 'chocolate boy image' like Kartik Aaryan. However, not only acting, he has also expressed his views on various political issues several times. However, Karthik has recently come under fire from netizens for making a video. He is accused of inciting domestic violence.

Karthik is also under house arrest like the other stars in the lockdown. And he is making one video after another while sitting at home. So far, netizens have appreciated watching those funny videos. But his latest video has put the actor in danger.
He made this video together with his sister Kritika. As can be seen in the video, Karthik is angry with the bread made by his sister. Then he grabbed his sister's hair and dragged her to the verandah and threw her down. Even though it is a funny trick, this video has made the actor stand on the fence.

The stars have been vocal in accusing Kartik of spreading domestic violence. And J. Ira wrote, ‘Acting in a misogynistic film, he is now writing and directing such a script himself!’ Singer Sona Mohapatra has also become vocal. According to him, Karthik is now an icon of the younger generation. Due to the lockdown, everyone has to stay together for 24 hours now. His video will provoke domestic violence.

In the face of criticism, Karthik removed the video from his page. In his move, Sona wrote, “Karthik has done a good job of removing the video. I hope he will do the same in the case of the film from now on. 'However, the actor has not yet opened his mouth about this video.